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                  Horses Help Kids         

         Through Equine Inspired Music!

 (origin of equine - Latin equinus, from equus, horse / adjective - of relating to or characteristic of a horse )

 Leading the Change Music Project

To showcase children’s creative and artistic talents through music video submissions from songs in our Library of Music

For youth to take advantage of our curriculum and study resources so they may learn of and come to appreciate "who the horse is"

 To engage youth in an annual team project to represent their school or organization, whereby they demonstrate respect and willingness to work in unity with others

To participate in an equine-inspired grassroots initiative sparking a revolution of kindness, justice and integrity where we advocate for four very important causes to include: respect for horses, anti-bullying, mental health and world kindness

Click on this link to watch Horses Help Kids - Sponsoring Music Artists share what Horses mean to them!

Watch video below to learn about our inspirations!

 Enjoy our Stronger Music Video's which inspired the Leading The Change Music Project

Part 1 - Stronger Music Video

Enjoy Part 2 - Stronger Music Video

Our Trilogy of Song Recorded for the Leading The Change Music Project For Kids!



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